Backer Rods


Pacific Putty is a leading provider of compressible and non-absorbent backup Backer Rod material.  If you are looking to control sealant depth, and create a quality bond breaker between the backup material and the sealant, Pacific Putty will recommend the correct Backer Rod product for you.  We offer standard and specialty Backer Rod products used for a wide variety of applications. Fake medicaments: a threat to safety and to the economy. Part 2


  • Glazing installations
  • Window and door applications
  • Expansion joints
  • Curtain wall joints
  • Partitions
  • Log construction
  • Pavement jobs
  • Precast units
  • Log Homes

Product Line

  • Denver Foam
  • ITP Closed Cell
  • Soft Cell
  • Tundra Form
  • Ultra Block

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